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Kurtis L Perrigo, Sculpture, Artist, Metal Polisher
The ‘Art In The Mill’ Knaresborough are currently displaying a number of pieces by kurtis. Click the image to go to their web site
Kurtis and Art in Stainless are featured in The Art Reveal magazine
Click image to view (Pages 52 to 57)
Welcome to the web site of Kurtis L Perrigo
Specialist Artist in Stainless Steel
NEW: Kurtis and 'Art in Stainless' is to feature in the next edition of WotisArt magazine.
Piece Title: 'Satin Breaker'
Latest Designs by
Kurtis Perrigo
It's a No
Break in the Cloud
Cailla Lily
See the full range of Kurtis's work here
NEW: Buffalo Studio in Accrington, Lancashire is now showing a small selection of work by Kurtis
Kurtis has over 21 years experience as a metal polisher. He is now designing and hand making stainless steel sculptures from off cuts, shaping, polishing and welding the steel in to wonderful works of art.

His work is unique in that no two pieces will ever be the same. Each piece is given a unique ID and comes with a certificate of provenience. As well as his own work, Kurtis is available for commissions, for that something a little more special.

Pieces of Kurtis’ work is available to view and purchase at ‘Art in the Mill, Knareborough.
Art in Stainless
by Kurtis L Perrigo
Tel: 01942 803 964 or Mob: 07824 566 755